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I MAKE Stuff

sometimes it's art

my story

Told in the 3rd person

Once upon a time, a lonely frog living in the woods of Arkansas met a beautiful princess.  She kissed him, married him and now they live quite happily, with four kids, in those same woods in Arkansas.  In addition to being happily married with children, Shawn is also quite an accomplished artist.  He has a MFA in sculpture and is the recipient of an Arkansas Arts Council Individual Fellowship and an award in sculpture from the International Sculpture Center.  Shawn enjoys making short films and has an accomplished background in the field of video production.  He also creates 2-Dimensional, 3-Dimensional and motion video art that addresses the needs and sensibilities of those with disabilities.  So, whether its’ painting “Flowers” or making furniture, at the end of the day he just enjoys making stuff.


my relationships

Family Virtues

An exploration of family.

Blue Fragile

A metaphor for fragile.

Flowers Construction

Assemblages from things around my house. 


Functional objects in space.


portraits, prayers, letters, and thoughts

Life of Christ

Digital prints documenting the life of Christ as seen in the Gospel of Mathew.

Egg on the Leaf

Leaf on the Water

Portraits of our fragile journey.

Flowers Aq·ua·relle

Portraits of my life with a new family.


Places for prayer.


human condition

Portable Prayer

Places or devices to sit, kneel, lie prostrate, and pray.


Images moving in space and time.

Contact Me

5626 South Dogwood Heights, Van Buren, AR 72956  |  Tel: 479-461-7944

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