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My inspiration for the flower series came during an eight-year residency as a visiting artist where I worked with children in kindergarten through 4th grade. I became very influenced by the simple way in which children will often draw and paint a flower using a circle or oval placed atop a vertical line.  Combining these forms with my interest in Byzantine Icons, these "flowers" became portraits of my life living alone in the woods during those eight years.  I still live and have my studio in those Arkansas woods.  However now, my beautiful wife, two girls and two boys join me…


This series of assemblages/constructions is primarily comprised of elements found on the six and one half acres I live on in the beautiful state of Arkansas.  Things like acorns, hickory nuts and sticks.  Secondary, but equally important, are materials like Texas Laurel Seeds, magnolia seeds, fabric, tar, oil paint, and steel in the case of #33.  Sizes range from 8"x10", 30"x48" and 5'x5'x9'.

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