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Some art historians have claimed that the whole history of painting is fulfilled in film/video/moving pictures.  I am not sure this is completely true.  However I do think its clear how profoundly powerful the medium of moving pictures is.   Films, commercials, political adds even a wedding video attest to this.  Emotions, moments, and ideas are illustrated with moving images in perhaps a way static two-dimensional images can't.



A man struggling with spiritual disquietude and emotional barrenness seeks resolution through a journey in solitude.  His destination is uncertain, and along the way he must confront the images and recollections that have haunted him.  The physical obstacles he encounters are simultaneously inviting and intimidating, meditative and disturbing, and they seem to serve as a reflection of his inner turmoil.  Ultimately, we conclude that each step further into his physical journey brings the man closer into God and himself…….



Robert had a horrible four-wheeler accident that left him nearly decapitated. He and his mother Trish share their amazing journey of heartbreak and hope.



Andre talks about the impact technology has made in his life.



Ronnie using an eye tracker and his relationship with Be Extraordinary..

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